SC Lenmorniiproekt have a voluminous fund of the norms and specifications covering all activities of the company.

Information support

Transnational, Russian standards and the norms applied when developing projects, being in fund of institute are regulated by Quality management system documents according to ISO 9001:2000.

Information fund of plants — 1100 nomenclatures. Our database contains specifications, type, year of serial equipment production released by the enterprises of Russia and CIS countries, according to the following sections:

  • Electrical equipment;
  • Lifting and transporting equipment;
  • Process equipment;
  • Control and instrumentation;
  • Special technological plumbing system;
  • Industrial pipeline fittings;
  • Materials;
  • Oil and gas equipment;
  • Communication and alarm system.

The company possesses considerable technical archive. The fund of archive contains over 74 000 volumes.

Since 1998 cards of recent additions are put in an electronic card file of technical archive. There are more than 20 000 volumes in this archive. On the basis of technical archive the Storage of electronic copies of the design specifications and estimates (ПСД) is created. Since January, 2004 all volumes of issued documentation are liable for digitizing.


In production the known applied software is used (Project Studio Architecture, SCAD, Plaxis Professional, FOK, GEONICS, Topoplan-Relyef, Credo, POTOK, Magi Cad, START, UPRZA "Ecologist", "Hydraulic system", ABC, Project Expert, Primavera, Parus).

Necessary calculations and schemes are carried out with use of an AutoCAD of firm AutoDesk, Golden Software Surfer 7, "PLANIKAD-2000" of GEOCAD systems firm and other modern software products.

For fast and high-quality performance of work in the sphere of the air pool protection the modern, certified software is used (UPRZA "Ecologist", "PDV Ecologist", "RNV Ecologist ", "Boiler station TPP", "Magistral’", etc.).

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