Quality management

For ensuring stable output and rendering services of the established level in SC Lenmorniiproekt since the end of November, 2000 the Quality Management system certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) functions.

By results of company certification the Conformity Certificate of Quality Management system to the international ISO 9001:2008 standard was issued.

ISO 9001:2008

Organization of project works implementation

The organization scheme of project works implementation in SC Lenmorniiproekt according to operating Quality management system provides:

  • planning of design process and documentation development;
  • establishment of organizational and technical interaction between departments in the engineering process;
  • definition and documenting of input design data;
  • requirements determination of output design data;
  • the analysis and design verification at different work completion stages;
  • project validation;
  • sequencing of introduction of amendments in the project documentation.

Organizational and technical cooperation between departments and specialties in the course of design is established by technology of design and regulated in Regulations on departments and "Lists of the tasks transferred between specialties in the design" thereto.

Engineering process is automated according with technology. All process is transparent, since the order receipt till production delivery to the Customer and in Technical archive. It allows to control performance time and timely undertake correcting and warning actions.

At appropriate stages established in documents of Quality management system, it is planned and carried out the project analysis on Science and Engineering Board, aimed to:

  • estimate compliance of the results received at a certain stage, to criteria of the subsequent design stages;
  • reveal any problems, causes of occurrence and to make offers on their decision.

The design engineering control system

The organization of control over the project works implementation includes the following procedures in SC Lenmorniiproekt:

  • incoming control is carried out at definition of the entries relating to production requirements and at receipt of purchased production from suppliers (subcontractors) according to criteria, specified by the document "Quality management system. Requirements to production delivered from suppliers (subcontractors) and an order of its definition"
  • production inspection which is exercised by chief specialists, heads of groups and performance majors;
  • during production compliance assessment is carried out in two stages: the first – internal (in production departments), the second – outlet (in scientific and technical department);
  • final control at the final stage of design drafting is exercised by the chief project engineer and all officials signing documentation. When sending production to the Customer and safe depositing in Technical archive control is exercised according to the document “Quality management system”.
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