The oil terminal in port Vanino


Seaport of Taman, dry-cargo area


Berths for passenger lines vessels
Anapa-Novorossiysk-Gelendzhik, 2003


Seaport in a Teribersky bay
The Murmansk Region


Seaport near the settlement Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula


The oil terminal in Southern Ozereevka
as a part of Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC)


Novorossiysk port


The North-West region
and the Baltic countries


Haiphong (Vietnam)
International projects


Karachi (Pakistan)
International projects


Berbera (Somalia)
International projects


Aden, Al Hudaydah (Yemen)
International projects


Palmeyra, Tarrafal
(Cape Verde)
International projects


Felton, Matanzan, Havana (Cuba)
International projects

Seaport of Taman, dry-cargo area
February 2013

The project purposes - Construction of new port reloading complexes for the reload of coal, containers, steel, grain, mineral fertilizers, iron ore and sulfur. Achievement of port rated capacity on transfer of 93.8 million tons of freight a year. Capability to accept vessels with deadweight of up to 150 thousand tons


Bottom mark – minus 19.6 m
Length – 10.40 km
Width – 170 m
Mode of movement (first stage): the unilateral revertive

Water area:

The area – 306.7 hectares
Bottom mark – minus 19.6 m
Diameter of a turning basin – 610 m

Water area is protected from external waves by the protective structures

Maximum design vessel:

length – 294 m
width – 46 m
draft – 17.5 m
deadweight – 150 thousand tons

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