The oil terminal in port Vanino


Seaport of Taman, dry-cargo area


Berths for passenger lines vessels
Anapa-Novorossiysk-Gelendzhik, 2003


Seaport in a Teribersky bay
The Murmansk Region


Seaport near the settlement Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula


The oil terminal in Southern Ozereevka
as a part of Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC)


Novorossiysk port


The North-West region
and the Baltic countries


Haiphong (Vietnam)
International projects


Karachi (Pakistan)
International projects


Berbera (Somalia)
International projects


Aden, Al Hudaydah (Yemen)
International projects


Palmeyra, Tarrafal
(Cape Verde)
International projects


Felton, Matanzan, Havana (Cuba)
International projects

Control systems

Industrial control system is an example of successful implementation by JSC Lenmorniiproekt of the complex project of an automated control system for technological process. It was implemented in 2000-2003 on the mineral fertilizers maneuvering unit in the St. Petersburg seaport (Baltic Bulk Terminal).

Technological process adaptive control of fertilizers transfer

All management of the complex is concentrated on the central control panel equipped with the latest computer aids and means of technological information display. On the big video graphic display BARCO it is possible to observe current state of technological objects and to receive the video image from the surveillance cameras installed on the complex.

Product reception

Mineral fertilizers reception on a complex is performed at the off-loading cars station. The system operates the colour light signaling in off-loading cars station and on access roads and band feeders. Start of feeders with the various productivity allows to regulate a product stream. On the upper level of industrial control system information on quantity and total weight of cars on each way arrives.

Conveyors control

The automated control system performs startup, slowdown and control of conveyor drives operation, control of an overheat and of the conveyer band turnoff.

Lifter stations equipment control

The system allows to perform completely automatic start of product routes with the help of the distributing devices operation, aeration devices and supervising product level in receiving bunkers.

Warehouses load

For buffer accumulation of a transfer product the warehouses, divided into sections, are used. Loading of a warehouse is carried out by a band loopback elevator. Standard section load is performed in an automatic mode at which the elevator moves within section, distributing a product. The elevator cascade automatically rises in process of increase in a cone.

Warehouses unload

Warehouse unload is performed by portal kratzer cranes. Unloading is also conducted in an automatic mode within section. Speeding crane travel on the way, the mechanic regulates shipment productivity.

Shipment of mineral fertilizers on a vessel

Loading on a vessel is carried out by two ship-loading engines. The industrial control system just receives information from engines and sets operating modes. Load control is performed in a manual mode from a cabin, or from the portable remote control.

Graphic panel

Conditions, modes and the complex equipment location are displayed on a graphic panel of the operator station.

Information transfer

Information on the position of ship-loading engines, kratzer cranes and band loopback elevator, and also on the condition of nodes and components of these devices comes from the local automatic equipment by the optical communication channels in the medium-scale controller, there it processed, grouped and transferred to the operator stations. Emergency signals are duplicated by the control cable. In reverse order mode settings and command for startup and slowdown are transferred to devices.

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