The oil terminal in port Vanino


Seaport of Taman, dry-cargo area


Berths for passenger lines vessels
Anapa-Novorossiysk-Gelendzhik, 2003


Seaport in a Teribersky bay
The Murmansk Region


Seaport near the settlement Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula


The oil terminal in Southern Ozereevka
as a part of Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC)


Novorossiysk port


The North-West region
and the Baltic countries


Haiphong (Vietnam)
International projects


Karachi (Pakistan)
International projects


Berbera (Somalia)
International projects


Aden, Al Hudaydah (Yemen)
International projects


Palmeyra, Tarrafal
(Cape Verde)
International projects


Felton, Matanzan, Havana (Cuba)
International projects

Complex of St. Petersburg protection from floods
S-1 and S-2 construction, 1987-2010

The complex of protective structures is intended for protection of the Nevsky Bay water area and the delta of Neva against the surge at which water rise was recorded at 4.2 meters above normal level. Full extent of protective structures is 25.4 km. The complex is optimized for protection against floods up to 4.55 meters high, the top mark of a seawall over an average long-term water level — 7.5 m.

Design of the Complex of St. Petersburg protection from floods (КЗС) began with the end of the 1960s - the beginning of the 1970s.  In 1979 the project passed all necessary agreements of regulatory bodies and was recommended for construction.

Dam is intended for protection of St. Petersburg against floods, the pass of sea vessels and the river-sea class vessels, fulfill a function of culverts in the period of absence of floods.

Transport: the underwater tunnel as a part of the Dam goes under the shipping passage S-1. Its length is about 2 kilometers, number of lanes - 3 on either side. The tunnel is part of the encircling highway (КАД) round St. Petersburg. The part of encircling highway passes on the dam crest.

Complex structure

The route of protective structures passes from Gorskaya on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland through Kotlin Island further to Bronka on the southern coast. Total length of the route is 25.4 km, height is about 7 m over BS 0 level. Under the shipping passage S-1 the track way passes through the tunnel, over structure S-2 on the bridge with vertical clearance of 16.9 m.

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