The oil terminal in port Vanino


Seaport of Taman, dry-cargo area


Berths for passenger lines vessels
Anapa-Novorossiysk-Gelendzhik, 2003


Seaport in a Teribersky bay
The Murmansk Region


Seaport near the settlement Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula


The oil terminal in Southern Ozereevka
as a part of Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC)


Novorossiysk port


The North-West region
and the Baltic countries


Haiphong (Vietnam)
International projects


Karachi (Pakistan)
International projects


Berbera (Somalia)
International projects


Aden, Al Hudaydah (Yemen)
International projects


Palmeyra, Tarrafal
(Cape Verde)
International projects


Felton, Matanzan, Havana (Cuba)
International projects

Auxiliary port facilities

Some data on the facilities, constructed recently:

2008. Sakhalin II project.

Construction for the organization of environment protection and elimination of emergency situations in the gulf Aniva.

Engineering documentation.

2003. Compressor station as a part of mineral fertilizers universal handling terminal on the mooring No. 107, OJSC St. Petersburg Seaport).

The compressor station is intended for uninterrupted compressed air supply of aeration device, operation of ticker and other devices.

The compressor station includes two air cooling compressor packages of Ingersoll-Rand Company (USA) with the injection pressure of 8.5 bars and with a capacity of 12.2 m3/min. each. Before supplying of the consumer the compressed air is cleared of moisture and oil in a dehumidifier with a dew-point to -40 °C.

On the concrete platform adjacent to the station, air collectors are installed with a capacity of 10 m3 by one for each compressor.

For dismantling in the apparatus room the suspended electric crane is installed with a capacity of 2 tons.

2002 1st turn of BPS. Coastal base of an emergency response unit and harbor vessels in the port Primorsk.

The base of an emergency response unit is intended for the organization of environment protection and oil spill response operations.

The base is equipped with the special technical means (the boom-laying boats, rhe bars, the skimmers), aids (the high detergent and biosorbents dispersion devices, the compressor, the washing high-head developments, the mobile the power plant, the blast apparatus) and the handling equipment (the mobile crane, the auto-loader, the bus, the excavator).

The base repair bay is intended for the maintenance and repairs of engines, pumps, hydraulic gear and devices; bar repair with the help of vulcanization and special glues. For automotive equipment maintenance there is the lock-up garage with the repair pit.

2001. Oil spill response operations base in port oil depot in the settlement Izhevskoye, the Kaliningrad region

"Lenmorniiproekt" developed the project of port coastal oil spill response operations base (ЛРН) within the construction project of port oil depot in the settlement Izhevskoye, Kaliningrad region.

The zone of the oil spill response operations base includes the territory of the oil berth and the Kaliningrad Sea Channel of about 310 hectares.

The structure of the oil spill response operations base includes the following buildings and constructions:

  • The single-storey building of the oil spill response operations base with the plan size: 30.4x19.0m with rooms of a special equipment warehouse, the material storage room, the workers warming room, the warehouse of sorbents, the switchgear room, the sanitary conveniences;
  • The open washing site for a bars washing with the cleaning water collecting pool;
  • The open test area for the coastal oil spill response operations equipment;
  • The mooring for the vessels parking.

The oil spill response operations base is put into operation in 2001.

1999. OJSC Petrolesport. Ancillary facilities building of the cooling chamber. Garage on 10 electric lift trucks.

The garage consists of:

  • The electric lift trucks maintenance department, equipped with the suspended electric crane and the repair pit;
  • Charging room for synchronous charging of 20 traction battery;
  • Auxiliary sites – the electrolytic room, the machine room, the effluent neutralization station.
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