Architectural design

The Architectural and Constructional Department (ACD) of JSC Lenmorniiproekt participates in all project sections, carrying out the objects architectural and construction design of any difficulty level.

The department specialists mastered and now apply in their work the modern computer programs and CAD systems, which allow issuing the documentation in accordance with the requirements of today.

Architectural design

Close cooperation with engineering companies and modern construction materials producers, information awareness of the latest construction technologies applied in construction, allows for developing hi-tech projects.

  • The "Nerpa" dockyard - the concrete weight coating complex. Industrial buildings and structures.
  • The Ventspils free port. The JSC Kalia Parks II terminal expansion – phase two of the construction project. Reloading stations and mineral fertilizers galleries. Phase one of the construction project. Buildings and structures.
  • The Novorossiysk port. The mineral fertilizers complex at the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port east area 5th mooring. The underground mineral fertilizers off-loading station. Mineral fertilizers warehouses. Reloading stations, buildings and constructions.
  • Mineral fertilizers general transshipment terminal on the mooring No. 107, the St. Petersburg port.
  • The Primorsk commercial seaport, the Sea terminal for the light oil products reload.
  • The Ust-Luga commercial seaport, Coal terminal. Facilities of the startup complex.
  • The S-1, S-2 shipping passages as the part of the Floods protective structures complex of St. Petersburg
  • The CJSC PA KIRISHINEFTEORGSINTEZ hydrocracking facilities.
  • The OJSC Petrolesport terminal.
  • Bulk freights complex in the Ust-Luga commercial seaport.
  • The CJSC GAZFLOT Murmansk base reconstruction.
  • The Tuapse bulk terminal.
  • The environment protection and emergency recovery facilties in the Aniva gulf, the Sakhalin II project.
  • Border checkpoints in the Ust-Luga commercial seaport.
  • The seaport in the Teriberskaya bay.
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